No Sweat Lotion for Billiards No Odor - some people are allergic to odor Not Sticky - will not get on your cue in the sand No White Powder - will not get on cue or clothes Non-Toxic - food grade ingredients
Competion billiards players love the fact that they do not need messy rosin. Not using powder, your hands and table stay clean. Have you ever tried to shoot pool with sweaty hands? Apply once and it keeps on working! Very Easy to Use:  Spray the liquid all over your hands and through your fingers. Rub vigorously until liquid is gone. Enjoy incredibly dry hands that will last all day! NO MORE SWEATY HANDS! When done playing, simply remove the No Sweat Product with soap and water. Rave Reviews from Our Customers! ...I would certainly recommend No Sweat Lotion to anyone who has problems with sweaty hands out while shooting pool...

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